New Release: Heavensent

December 2017

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New Release: Heavensent

With Heavensent, I wanted to ask more questions than answer. The biggest question I wanted to leave open was who the “I” and the “you” are in the lyrics. Heavensent contains ideas about acceptance, forgiveness, patience, and being okay as a work in progress. I guess the point is that nobody is too old, too experienced, too successful, or too confident to continue to become better. I hope you like my new song Heavensent.

I started writing Heavensent in a pretty traditional way – with a traditional structure: verses, chorus, bridge, etc. But the song wanted to be short and simple and unadorned. There are only five instruments in the entire production of the song. The song structure is a little bit untraditional in that there’s only one verse and one chorus (There’s even less on the stripped version). Near the end, you’ll hear some semi-chaotic guitar parts that mimic wind chimes – just random strikes of various notes. I borrowed this technique from a band I really loved in the early 2000s called Dilute, led by a brilliant artist named Marty Anderson. You can listen to one of their incredible albums here on Youtube.

The Ming & Ping remix of Heavensent is one of my favorite Ming & Ping remixes. Definitely up there with their remix of Thought Balloon by Freezepop. It’s weird that it seems faster than the original, but it’s in fact the same tempo. You can hear more Ming & Ping music on this “Everything BAO” playlist on Spotify (Pro Tip: follow the playlist to get updated as we add more songs to it).

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