New Release: Christmas in LA

December 2019

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New Release: Christmas in LA

The holidays can be challenging for a lot of people, especially those who are away from where they grew up or those without family close by. Christmas in LA attempts to reflect that vibe while reminding the listener to embrace the friends and acquaintances around them because we all need each other.

I wrote this song together with Timm Shingler, who is the bassist in the BAO live band. We were hanging out in his garage with an electric guitar and after some banter, we decided that a Christmas song might be interesting to try. I have a long list of song ideas on my iPhone and we pulled one of the phrases, “this must be the place.” Timm wrote most of the chord progression while I put some lyrics together. We tried the song a few times, tweaked a few chords and words, then recorded a quick demo with only guitar and voice.

The lyrics focus on the experience of people who are away from home during the holidays. It starts in a sad way, reflecting on being homesick and lonely, but it ends in a more uplifting way with the recognition that friends are family. It’s a theme that I return to a lot in my songs that can be summed up with a Ming & Ping lyric, “It’s not what happens and not what you do. It’s only the eyes you choose to look through.”

Months later, I picked up that demo and decided to produce a more refined version featuring a minimal drum machine pattern and a synthesizer. The song’s production focuses on the voice, starting low and slow then bursting into a more melodic chorus.

The cover photo was shot by Timm and it features a public art piece by WRDSMTH. I actually wasn’t familiar with his work when we decided to put it on the cover art, so I felt pretty bad when he called me out on it on Instagram. Since then I’ve been checking out the rest of his work online and recognizing it around the city. Hope I can make it up by sharing his link here.

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