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September 2020

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Event: APIA Voice

I recently co-hosted and performed for an event called APIA Voice to emphasize the power of the Asian American vote and give people resources to register to vote and complete the 2020 US Census. It featured a ton of talented Asian American performers, actors, tastemakers, and included some guest elected officials.

APIA Voice was organized by The Slants Foundation (where I serve on the board of directors) and ASIA Ohio. Two days after the event, over 6,500 viewers have watched the program and more than 400 people have used our resources to register to vote and complete the 2020 US Census. The lineup featured Darro, Ellisa Sun, Jason Chu, Priska, Othertones, Sueann Shiah, Uprisers, The Slants, Minji Chang, Ed Lin, Ariel Bui, Mandah,as well as guests Representative Judy Chu, Representative Stephanie Howse, Representative Andy Kim, State Senator Tina Maharath, and BAO!

You can still watch a recording of the program at theslants.org/voice

The biggest stat you should learn from APIA Voice is that the AAPI community has the potential to easily swing a quarter of our nation’s Congressional seats! It was an honor to contribute to APIA Voice, especially because I am a first-generation immigrant and I know that the Asian American community needs all the help it can get to mobilize for change. Also, it was important for us to help people get the correct information about the vote and the census.

I’d love to be part of more future events, so hit me up!