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Who are the people behind the art and movements that you admire? How do they see their identities in relation to society? What struggles were the stepping stones toward their success? What do they personally consider success? Coffee with BAO is a Youtube series and podcast where BAO chats with diverse guests from the creative and business world, exploring their cultural identity, creative process, and personal growth. Each episode seeks to encourage awareness and empathy by focusing on underrepresented stories, immigrant stories, and unexpected stories.

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BAO is a Vietnamese American songwriter, music producer, and composer based in Los Angeles.

Under the name Bao Vo, he previously worked as a primary writer, producer, and creative director for the Asian American electro-pop group Ming & Ping since their debut in 2004. He has also co-written, produced, or appeared as a guest on numerous independent and major label releases. His electronic-based film and game soundtracks incorporate various musical genres and organic elements and his music has been featured in promotional spots for brands such as Oakley, Burton, and CrossFit.

BAO’s experience as a refugee has influenced his songwriting, which focuses on themes of identity, interpersonal relationships, and sociopolitical issues. His social activism efforts include serving on the board of directors for The Slants Foundation and hosting a show and podcast called Coffee with BAO.


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