“Hey Dear” by Rebs ft. BAO
16 Mar 2021

“Hey Dear” by Rebs ft. BAO

16 Mar 2021
Listen to “Hey Dear,” a new single by Rebs, produced by BAO. “Hey Dear” is an 80s-inspired tune written by 20-year-old indie artist Rebs. It tells the story of a mother missing a child who moved away. The song was inspired by Rebs’ own journey of leaving for college. Hope you like the new work and support Rebs in their musical adventures!

A couple months ago, I heard “Hey Dear” from a demo version that Rebs recorded and posted on Soundcloud. I liked the song so much that I asked if I could produce a version.

Rebecca Chan, also known as Rebs, is a 20-year old indie artist from Michigan who perpetually strives for intersectionality. As a queer, biracial artist, they seek to represent the nuance and complexity of a layered identity and existence. That nuance extends to their music, combining and blurring genres to create new sounds.

Play “Hey Dear” by Rebs on Youtube or stream it from your favorite streaming platform here. Also, follow rebs.chan on Instagram.

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  1. Thasuk Thummajaree March 20th, 2021 2:22PM

    Hey, that singer was way off-key in this song. I would suggest AutoTune or just getting a different vocalist, because while the instrumental is nice, the singing sounds really cringey. Just some honest feedback, because I doubt your friends will offer the same.

    • BAO March 21st, 2021 2:44PM

      Thank you for sharing your opinion. It’s too bad that this song, as a whole, is not for you. I happen to really like the sincere, unvarnished vocals. If you like very precise, in-tune pop music you should check out my other band Ming & Ping or this great song called “Friday” by an artist called Rebecca Black.

      Rebs is a biracial, queer Asian American who has worked hard to develop the artistry and courage to write, perform, and record this thoughtful and catchy song “Hey Dear.” Please feel free to share a link to your song.