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New Release: Lady in Red

Here’s a fun new single for ya: BAO’s stylized cover version of the 1986 hit “The Lady in Red” by Chris DeBurgh. It’s out now on Bandcamp and will be on all streaming platforms on May 25.

I usually do a cover song when I need help getting into the flow of producing music and this was practice for my forthcoming album. This cover version is a concentrated example of some of the sonic aesthetics and production techniques that I’ve been exploring in my work for Ming & Ping, BAO, and other artists. This single won’t be on the album, but it has a few stylistic elements that will be.

“The Lady in Red” was ubiquitous on the radio when I was a kid and, for some reason, Vietnamese people in the US really like this song so I heard it all the time growing up. I always thought it was an okay song, with kinda corny lyrics, but there are some super catchy elements in the song such as the iconic choral background vocals. I wanted to challenge myself to cover this song without using that background vocal technique, so that I can identify what makes the BAO sound special. Hope you dig it.

Go to Bandcamp

olive eyes

olive eyes is an unreleased project I started in the late 2000s while I was focused on creating work for Ming & Ping. It sounds like a mash of shoegaze + drum n bass + trip hop. One of the olive eyes tracks is being released April 19, 2022 on the Space Anemone 5 Year Anniversary Compilation and the Space Anemone label will help release an olive eyes EP in the future.

Here are some links for ya:

> Check out the Space Anemone 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

> Go directly to my track “an immeasurable distance”

> Watch the release party livestream on the Space Anemone YouTube channel

Coffee with BAO Episode 27 ft. Tonie – Music Artist and Educator

This week I’m joined by music artist and educator Tonie, aka Tony Nguyen, to share their new song “Daydreaming,” which we wrote together a few months ago. We’ll also talk about Tonie’s path to becoming their current self, a non-binary Vietnamese American music artist, producer, and educator. We touch on how our life decisions impact and are impacted by others, taking risks and freeing yourself from perfection, and what’s been top of mind for us lately.

Find Tonie at itstonie.com or @tonie.wav on social media. Listen to Tonie’s new single “Daydreaming” on your streaming platform of choice.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.