Coffee with BAO Episode 25 ft. Dr. Cate Le – Infectious diseases physician and author

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Coffee with BAO Episode 25 ft. Dr. Cate Le – Infectious diseases physician and author

Dr. Cate Le, an infectious disease specialist and author chats with BAO about her debut children’s book “Coronavirus is Boo Boo,” and a few other timely topics. We learn about her upbringing as a Vietnamese American refugee, her life and career straddling medicine and the arts, and her passion for social and racial equality in healthcare. Dr. Le is currently treating COVID-19 patients and promoting her book to help younger kids learn about the virus and the life changes it has brought about.

Learn more about Dr. Cate ​and order her book.

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Coffee with BAO Episode 24 ft. Ashley Nguyen DeWitt – Animation casting and voice director

Animation casting and voice director, actor, and singer Ashley Nguyen DeWitt chats with BAO about her biracial Vietnamese and African American upbringing and career in the entertainment industry. Ashley’s work includes a variety of animation projects, including the upcoming Netflix series “Ada Twist, Scientist” which was co-produced by Laughing Wild and Higher Ground, the production company of former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama . We also discuss the immense value of mentors and advocates, especially for underrepresented groups.

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Coffee with BAO Episode 23 ft. Kyle Dombroski – Drummer and music educator

Professional percussionist, audio engineer, and music educator Kyle Dombroski joins BAO to chat about his experience as a Korean American adoptee growing up in Central Illinois, his career in various facets of music, and his goals for his band Hello Noon. Kyle also plays drums with BAO’s beautiful boy band and can be heard on BAO’s track “Beautiful Things” from the album Perpetual Heartbreak.

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Coffee with BAO Episode 22 ft. JohnnyD Nguyen – Founder of Viet Q Media

In this special #AAPIheritagemonth episode, Vietnamese American entrepreneur and entertainment industry veteran JohnnyD Nguyen chats with BAO about topics that are top-of-mind for the Vietnamese diaspora all around the world. We discuss his upbringing in between cultures, his unexpected entry into the entertainment industry via a supporting role in The Fast And The Furious franchise, and his career as a producer in various parts of the entertainment industry. JohnnyD’s latest business Viet Q Media curates and promotes talent from the Vietnamese diaspora all around the world.

Learn more about Viet Q Media at

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This week, we give a special shout out to the organizations that are doing great work to tell AAPI and Vietnamese stories: DVAN and Diacritics, The Sóng Collective, VAALA, The Slants Foundation and these podcasts: The Vietnamese with Kenneth Nguyen, Vietverse, Vietnamese Boat People, Asian Not Asian, Asian Hustle Network, The Hot Potcast, Rice and Shine (German), Project Yellow Dress, Project Voice, and the Consenting Adults podcast ft. Leyna Nguyen.

Coffee with BAO Episode 21 ft. Denise Santos – Film and TV Composer

Film and television composer Denise Santos chats with BAO about her musical upbringing in Manilla, her unplanned decision to stay in the US, and her career as a touring musician and composer. We discuss her work on Ella Jay Basco’s music video “Gold” featuring Ruby Ibarra and its topic of skin lighteners, beauty standards, and self-acceptance. We also explore the sluggish acceptance of women of color in the entertainment industry and how her experience as a woman channels in the music she has composed for productions such as “Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.”

Learn more about Denise at

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Coffee with BAO Episode 20 ft. Jeremy Nguyen – Illustrator and New Yorker Cartoonist

Illustrator and New Yorker cartoonist Jeremy Nguyen chats with BAO about his Vietnamese American upbringing and complicated relationship with being Asian. We take a look at some of his artwork and cartoons for The New Yorker and discuss his latest endeavors into sharing his knowledge with others. Jeremy is giving a free public lecture with Creatively on May 20, 2021 (get info).

Find Jeremy at

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Coffee with BAO Episode 19 ft. Alan Z – Hip Hop and R&B Artist

Alan Z, a Chinese American Hip Hop, R&B artist from Atlanta joins Bao Vo for Coffee with BAO. We talk about his international upbringing, early infatuation with rap music, and his new album Face Value, a collaboration with Jason Chu dropping May 14, 2021. The album was partially sponsored by The Slants Foundation, where BAO serves on the board of directors.

Find info on Alan Z and Jason Chu’s album Face Value at or on social media @alanzmusic

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diaCRITICS Profiles Coffee with BAO

So humbled that Coffee with BAO is featured on the diaCRITICS website today. diaCRITICS highlights art, literature, and stories from writers, artists, and culture-makers of the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian diaspora, on and from all shores. They’ve just published a little piece called “Take a Sip: “Coffee with BAO” Series.

diaCRITICS is part of DVAN (Diasporic Vietnamese Artist Network), which is a nationally and internationally recognized organization co-founded by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen and Professor Isabelle Thuy Pelaud. They seek to highlight literature and other creative work by folks in the Vietnamese diaspora from the around the world. Really honored that Coffee with BAO can share some of its mission on the diaCRITICS platform. You can read the full profile here as well as see profiles and stories of other Vietnamese creatives.

Coffee with BAO Episode 18 ft. Pierre T. Lambert – Photographer and Youtuber

Adventure photographer and Youtuber Pierre T. Lambert chats with BAO about his French American identity and making his escape from a career in engineering for the fossil fuels industry to starting his successful photography Youtube channel and online photography course “30 Days to Great Photos.” Pierre also shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship, creative inspiration, and learning to be more present.

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Learn more about Pierre T. Lambert.

Coffee with BAO Episode 17 ft. Johnny Cubert White – Artist, filmmaker, and photographer

Artist, filmmaker, and photographer Johnny Cubert White joins BAO for a conversation about his career as a television art director, his art, and his life from the Midwest to Downtown Los Angeles. Johnny shares his Greek, Indigenous, and Appalachian family history, his 30-plus year process of embracing his queer identity, and how all of that is encapsulated in his vibrant art and personality. Johnny White’s ongoing decade-long photography series #myBROKENcamera​ is a powerful reflection of all of that.

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Learn more about Johnny Cubert White.

Special thanks to The Soul Thief Vision for the great portrait photo!

Coffee with BAO Episode 15 ft. Sahra Nguyen – Founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply

Sahra Nguyen, the award-winning filmmaker, activist, and founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, speaks with BAO about digging deeper into her Vietnamese American family’s refugee story, developing a passion for art and activism as a teenager, and channeling that passion into a successful documentary filmmaking career. Sahra founded Nguyen Coffee Supply, the first specialty Vietnamese Coffee importer and roaster in the US, with the same mission as her award-winning video journalism: to help advance social and economic equality through education and empathy.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Sahra Nguyen.

Coffee with BAO Episode 13 ft. Tessa Young – DJ and founder of Prism DJs

Tessa Young AKA DJ Tessa, the founder of Prism DJs, chats with BAO about her mixed-race background, the twists and turns of her career, and the struggles and failures that have helped her level up. She explains how her all-female DJ agency, Prism DJs, has teamed up with Sansar to pivot to VR and streaming DJ events during the pandemic.

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Learn more about Tessa Young.

Coffee with BAO Episode 11 ft. Amarantha Da Cruz – Founder of OyeDrum Magazine

Writer, editor-in-chief, and founder of “OyeDrum Magazine” Amarantha Da Cruz chats with BAO about her cross-cultural upbringing in Brazil and the United States, the channeling of her passion for language and music into various careers, her continued growth as a person and a leader, and her women-centered online publication OyeDrum Magazine. OyeDrum’s latest release is Volume 3: The Sex Issue and it features creative works in a variety of mediums around the topic of sex.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Amarantha Da Cruz.

Coffee with BAO Episode 10 ft. Jamie Hosmer – Musician and singer/songwriter

Singer/songwriter Jamie Hosmer joins BAO for a casual conversation about his three-decade career as a touring musician, charting his own path from gigging as a teenager in Massachusetts to playing with some of the world’s biggest stars in Las Vegas and around the world. Jamie’s debut solo album “Comfortable Shoes” has strong influences from the pop and rock songs of the 70s and 80s.

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Learn more about Jamie Hosmer.

Coffee with BAO Episode 9 ft. Kristina Wong – Performance artist, comedian, and actor

Performance artist, comedian, and actor Kristina Wong speaks with BAO about her upbringing as a third-generation Chinese American, her path to creating a whole new medium for her performance art, and how her art is intertwined with real-life events. She recently concluded a month-long run of her show “Kristina Wong for Public Office” presented by the Center Theater Group and is now embarking on a new show called “Kristina Wong, Sweatshop Overlord.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Kristina Wong​.

Coffee with BAO Episode 8 ft. Dale Edward Chung – GRAMMY-winning musician and actor

Actor, musician, and GRAMMY Award-winning producer Dale Edward Chung chats with BAO about his Chinese American family’s long history in Northern California, his quest to make music his living, his GRAMMY-winning work as a musician and producer with The Lucky Band, and his recent ventures into film production.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Dale Edward Chung​.

Coffee with BAO Episode 7 ft. Trung Le Nguyen – Illustrator and author of “The Magic Fish”

Comic book artist, illustrator, and debut graphic novelist Trung Le Nguyen talks with BAO about his family’s experience as refugees from Vietnam, his hustle as a freelance illustrator, accidentally coming out as gay to his family, and his new YA graphic novel “The Magic Fish,” published by Random House Graphic.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Trung Le Nguyen​.

Coffee with BAO Episode 2 ft. Elissa R. Sloan – Author of “The Unravelling of Cassidy Holmes”

Japanese American author Elissa R. Sloan talks with BAO about her mixed-race upbringing in Houston, TX, her career and process as a professional wedding photographer, and goes into detail about the mental health challenges faced while writing her debut novel “The Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes” published by William Morrow.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Elissa R. Sloan​.

Coffee with BAO Episode 1 ft. Hieu Gray – Producer and director of “Quan 13”

Vietnamese American director, producer, and actor Hieu Gray joins BAO for some Vietnamese coffee and food and a conversation about her immigrant story, her creative process as a visual storyteller, and the challenges and goals she has faced as a woman in entertainment. Hieu’s food documentary “Quan 13” is screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival until October 31, 2020. It features a soundtrack by BAO.

You can also listen to this episode as a podcast.

Learn more about Hieu Gray.


Introducing: Coffee with BAO

I’m really excited to launch my new show Coffee with BAO. It’s a series where I have coffee with people in business, music, entertainment, pop culture, and more. We chat about their roots, process, personal and cultural identity, and personal growth. Coffee with BAO is a Youtube video series and an audio podcast available on all major podcast platforms.

Watch Episode 1 featuring Director, producer, and storyteller Hieu Gray:

My first episode features fellow Vietnamese American creative Hieu Gray. Hieu is a director, producer, and storyteller whose Asian American immigrant story starts in Vietnam, makes detours in Indonesia and Hong Kong, and spans a childhood in Georgia. Formerly, Hieu worked for years as an award-winning producer at CNN on shows including Larry King Live and Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown.

More recently, she’s been an on-camera superstar in her own films, including a short food documentary film “Quan 13,” which she also produced and directed. The film features a soundtrack by BAO and is screening during the month of October 2020 at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Get passes at

Find Hieu Gray at or find her Instagram @lapetitebelle_eats

Here are links to Coffee with BAO on Youtube and on Podcast platforms.

It takes a lot of time and resources to create this content and your financial support is super-duper appreciated. I don’t even eat, I just survive on the coffee that you buy me!