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Feature in Nguoi-Viet News

Nguoi-Viet News features BAO’s life, music career, and more.
“Close your eyes and feel each flow in Bao’s music, sometimes shrill, sometimes painful, sometimes as gentle as a stream crossing an unfinished canvas of the artist. Colors are patchy in an “orderly” way in Bao’s music. Warm and cold colors blend together, creating a cool sound picture.”

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Interview with Review Fix on Perpetual Heartbreak and More

Review Fix interviews BAO about his origin in music, goals, and new album, “Perpetual Heartbreak.” Find out how BAO got involved in music, what his creative process is like, what inspires him, what his future music plans are, and more.

“Most of my songs are recorded and produced solely by me in my home studio in Downtown LA. The BAO live band does a lot of creative thinking to interpret them into their live versions since there are only five of us playing traditional instruments.”

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